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Linguatheque provides experienced professionals, possessing a thorough knowledge of protocol and the highest standards of interpreting skills, to visiting dignitaries and corporate executives and others who require language assistance for sensitive negotiations, business meetings and conferences.

  • For legal proceedings in California, we assign only interpreters with specific expertise, certified in the languages sanctioned by the State of California or U.S. District Court. Interpreters in all other languages are registered with the Judicial Council, and/or qualified by the Los Angeles Superior Court, no matter how exotic the language or dialect.
  • Linguatheque’s healthcare clients rely on our trained and experienced medical interpreters to ensure clear communication between doctors, therapists and the patients in their care. We operate under strict confidentiality and sensitivity within all healthcare settings.
  • For multilingual conferences and business meetings, Linguatheque utilizes U.S. State Department or International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)-level, credentialed simultaneous interpreters.
  • We offer state-of-the-art sound equipment, including booths, transmitters, receivers and the equipment to record and transcribe conference proceedings. To ensure that the communication is seamless, we provide onsite technical support – anywhere in the world.


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