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Linguatheque understands that the complexity of technical documents requires specific translation ability and linguistic skills. Creative text often requires cultural adaptation to ensure that the copy and concept are understood by the target audience. No matter the context, it is imperative that a concept be accurately conveyed and culturally sensitive.

For projects of a creative nature, we draw on the actors, songwriters and literary specialists on our team. Linguatheque integrates human skill and talent with the technology to deliver superior quality. Some of the most challenging aspects of legal and technical translation is adhering to the source documents word for word, exercising few liberties, and maintaining the integrity of the final version. Paying scrupulous attention to detail, and abiding by strict rules of not adding or subtracting text, an unaltered, readable document is achieved. Certificates of accuracy are frequently issued for such legal or technical documents.

Our extraordinary network of linguists have advanced degrees, expertise in diverse industries and translate only into their native languages. Most are certified by the ATA (American Translators Association) or NAJIT (National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators).

Essential to our service is that our linguists, editors and proofreaders have a long-standing relationship with Linguatheque and are responsive to projects which must be expedited. Linguatheque’s success is reflective of their skill and loyalty.

And just as important as the quality of the final product is the timing of its delivery. When a deadline is critical, final versions of translations are delivered according to client specifications and on time.

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